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Medical Scientist


Forest Hills, NY

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Medical Degree

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Summary My resume documents my prominent role as a cardiovascular researcher, specialized in developmental and pathologic angiogenesis, such as wound healing and tumors as well as coronary vascular morphogenesis after myocardial infarctions. It demonstrates my thorough training in all aspects of medicine, cell and especially developmental biology as well as pathology at a number of internationally renowned institutions as well as a teaching career at Medical Schools that started in 1981. Concerning my research, I am well known for the propagation and first description (including its in vivo proof) of intussuceptive microvascular growth (IMG), a novel cellular mechanism of blood vessel network expansion and remodeling. We did show that IMG is not only operational in all organs and tissues of the embryo (from fish to human), but also the leading mechanism of pathologic angiogenesis in malignant tumors and cardiovascular diseases, thus overcoming the older, currently still proposed concept of blood vessel sprouting. The investigation of the molcular regulation of this important mechanism has begun (see publications) applying a variety of gene expression studies as well as transgenic mouse approaches. We were able to demonstrate that IMG is operative via the Angiopoietin1/Tie2 growth factor-receptor system that regualtes the recuritment of mesenchymal and mesenchyme-derived cells to blood vessel walls. Moreover we could show, that the Thromboxane A2 receptor is also an important regulator of coronary IMG employing its role via cardiac stem cell involvement. The further in depth exploration of the molecular regulation of IMG is the next challenge in our research program and LCM at the chicken CAM and in mouse embryos and tumors in preparation. Along with my research programs I developed a great knowledge and understanding of the general cell and developmental biology research techniques. I am also experienced in designing my own cell and tissue co-culture systems that allow for growth and interaction of different cell types in vitro to form organoid structures. I am very well specialized in all types of microscopy techniques (light microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, including the investigation and interpretation of 3D tissue serial sections, confocal and fluorescence microscopy and the corresponding tissue preparation techniques). My international career as a cardiovascular researcher allowed me also to gain great experience in teaching of all aspects of anatomy, histology, cell and developmental biology/embryology, art and art history, as well as history of medicine and science to medical and graduate students, as well as all kinds of health related students at different curricular conditions.